Monday, April 30, 2007

Dr. Janet Louise Parker, D.V.M. Emergency and Disaster Response Training

FEMA TRAINING – Emergency and Disaster Response

EMI Study Program

Basic Incident Command System IS-195
Emergency Planning IS 235
Animals in Disaster Awareness and Preparedness IS-010
Animals in Disaster: Community Planning IS -011
Leadership & Influence IS-240
Decision Making and Problem Solving IS-241
Effective Communication IS-242
Developing and Managing Volunteers IS-244
Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency Management IS-288


1) University of Washington
School of Public Health and Cummity Medicine
Northwest Center for Public Health Practice
Northwest Institute for Public Health Practice

Course in Epidemiological Methods Sept. 2002
Bioterrorism and Emergency Public Health Preparedness
32.5 CDC Health Education Credits

2) BioDefense Mobilization 2002 Conference
April 9-11, 2002

3) Washington State Department of Agriculture
Reserve Veterinary Corps Training Course May 19, 2004

Incident Command System
WSDA Emergency Response to FAD
Operational Plan
Public Information
Epidemiology, Trace Back
Animal Disposal
Cleaning and disinfecting Procedures and Problems
Bioterrorism and Biosecurity