Thursday, July 30, 2009

Medical Whistleblower on Blog Talk Radio

Dr. Janet Parker DVM can be heard on Blog Talk Radio on

Saturday Evenings at 5 PM Central Time (that's 6 PM Eastern Time, 3 PM Pacific Time) and also on

Monday mornings at 9 AM Central Time (8 AM Eastern and 11 AM Pacific Time).

Call in at the show times (347) 857-4599.

Or visit on the internet to listen live or download audio tapes

Recent shows have included the following Topics:

Hate Crimes in the USA

Health Care for All - a review of HR 676

Pharmaceutical Fraud - Interview with Former Eli Lilly Executive Dr. John Virapen PhD from Germany

Up Coming Radio Shows Will Include:

Hostile Workplace Psychiatric Evaluations used to discredit whistleblowers

ADHD - What are the Pharmaceutical Companies not telling us

Bullying in the Workplace - What is it and how can we combat it

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault - what do medical professionals need to know

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