Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Judge Denies Attorney Fee Motion Against PsychRights

Last month we reported certain defendants in PsychRights Big Medicaid Fraud case asked for over $325,000 in attorney's fees against PsychRights. Today the judge denied that motion. http://psychrights.org/States/Alaska/Matsutani/201-101207OrderDenyingAttyFees.pdf

For background, this is the case against various child psychiatrists, providers, pharmacies, state officials and a medical publisher for causing or submitting fraudulent claims to Medicaid for psychiatric drugs that are not for an accepted medical use as defined under Medicaid ("medically accepted indication"). The judge threw the case out of court because he said the Government knows all about the fraud and isn't doing anything about it. We have appealed that decision because we think the judge is wrong and in today's order denying the attorney fee award, the judge reiterated that there was "no consensus," that his decision was correct.

There is more information on the case at http://psychrights.org/States/Alaska/Matsutani/Matsutani.htm. The case is part of PsychRights' Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children and Youth. See http://psychrights.org/Education/ModelQuiTam/ModelQuiTam.htm We think this initiative has the potential for really putting the brakes on the drugging of children and youth by making the doctors realize they face financial ruin by continuing the practice.

We had been reluctant to try and raise a bunch of money for PsychRights with the threat of having it go to the defendants so now would be an excellent time to make a donation to PsychRights if you can and are so inclined. It will be greatly appreciated.

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