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Teen Challenge New England & Child Abusers

Teen Challenge gained national attention in 1995 when the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) threatened to shut down Teen Challenge of South Texas because its counselors refused to trade in their faith-based approach for a "medical model" based on the concept that alcoholism is a disease rather than a manifestation of sin. At that time Teen Challenge in New England was already was an established program and was using persons from the prison reintegration program as labor. The prison reintegration officer Marcy Haaland, in Bristol County Sheriff’s office (in Massachusetts) was creating a Teen Challenge unit in the county jail. The 22 men in the minimum-security unit were working through Teen Challenge curriculum under the daily oversight of two Teen Challenge ministers. When men in the unit are released from prison, Ms. Haaland was encouraging them to enter one of the Teen Challenge centers in Massachusetts.

By all reports Peter Fabiano, came to the Brockton Teen Challenge in 2000 for drug addiction treatment. By 2005 Peter Fabiano had been placed on the leadership fast track and was the supervisor of a center 30 miles south, in Fall River. Mr. Fabiano married the supervisor of the Teen Challenge women's center in Rhode Island, and the couple were in 2005 hoping to open a new center in Maine.

Shondi Fabiano has a history of 2nd degree sexual assault conviction in Kent, RI.

Shondi Fabiano then moved into the position of co-director in the Maine center.

In 2008 there had been articles about Shondi Fabiano and her convictions for second degree child molestation. So in light of the exposure of Shondi Fabiano’s registration as a sex offender, Rev. Rodney Hart provided the press the following press release and then her name was removed from their public website of the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God. They have since put up a new website that does not give the names of any of the staff in direct contact with clients at their facilities. Now they have also removed the names of the staff on their old Northern New England District Assemblies of God website and left the message – Coming Soon instead of their Directors names.

Shondi Fabiano was convicted of Second Degree Child Molestation in Rhode Island. She is listed on the National Sex Offender Public Registry. Maine has some pretty strict laws regarding contact with minors by registered sex offenders.

Teen Challenge New England - Augusta
11 Hudson Lane
Winthrop, ME 04346

There is a difference between the Directors on the Board of Directors of Teen Challenge and the working staff Director in direct contact with clients. Rev. Rodney Hart’s actual position in 2008 was stated as the President and Chief Executive officer of Teen Challenge Centers in New England. In 2008 the Teen Challenge New England had just received title to the 520-acre Winthrop property through the Hudson Trust, and town officials informed them that a permit was a requirement. In the Kennebec Journal article dated Feb 27, 2008 they reported that a Winthrop property was being turned into a Teen Challenge Center. Rev. Rodney Hart was aware that the center in Winthrop would be operating without a permit and would be paying a $2,000 fine for operating without the permit. Apparently having no permit did not prevent Teen Challenge for starting a residential treatment program at that location for up to 16 men at a time who face alcohol, drug and related problems. That was not the first Teen Challenge program in New England. Teen Challenge New England was not always in the same facility and they often begin their operations while using another facility (sometimes rented) and then when expanding when they obtain a different property.

So in interest of full disclosure – this is the explanation that was the Official Press Release from Rev. Rodney Hart, President & CEO of Teen Challenge New England at the time that Shondi Fabiano was exposed in the press for her position at Teen Challenge New England:

“Shondi Fabiano began using drugs at age 12 and was a heroin addict by the time she was 19 years old. She was living with and using drugs with a 21 year old man who was also an addict. While under the influence of narcotics she had sex with a 14 and a 15 year old boy. The two boys were family members of the 21 year old male that was Shondi’s boyfriend. The family of the boys filed charges against Shondi. Shondi’s public defender told her that if she didn’t want to go to jail for a long time she had better plead guilty. So she did. This was 15 years ago! Shondi sought help for her drug addiction at Teen Challenge and graduated with honors a year later. For the last 10 years she has dedicated her life to helping other drug addicts overcome their addictions and lead normal productive lives. Her life is a stellar example of one that has overcome incredible odds. Her life is a shining example and inspiration to all those who know and love her personally. She has been terribly embarrassed by this story. This was a tragic mistake that she will carry with her the rest of her life. She has completed probation without any violations and is no longer under any supervision. She is married, with a young infant and two teenage sons and poses no threat to anyone. To suggest that the community is at risk in any way is a gross exaggeration and extremely unfair to Shondi and the courageous steps she has taken to overcome the physical and spiritual obstacles in her life. Please direct all questions and comments to Rev. Rodney Hart, President and CEO of Teen Challenge New England.”

This information was already posted by others.So I will re post it here so that you can confirm her true status as a sex offender. 7/

Shondi Fabiano, was previously listed officially as a co-head of Teen Challenge New England by the website of the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God, and who is officially listed as a lifetime-registered sex offender for second-degree child molestation and sexual assault in the third degree. An online check of sex offender registries, including the Florida sex-offender registry run by Florida Department of Law Enforcement, also shows Shondi Fabiano also has a history of 2nd degree sexual assault conviction in Kent, RI.(To give you an idea just why this may be an issue: 3rd degree sexual assault in Rhode Island is essentially statutory rape of a 14- to 16-year old minor by a person over the age of 18, 2nd degree sexual assault is sexual assault of an incapacitated person or sexual assault using force or coercion, and second degree child molestation is what is generally termed as frank pedophile rape--sexual assault of a minor under the age of 14. And this was probably not a case of "I thought he was legal"; Fabiano would have been nearly 24 years old at the time of the offense)

Fabiano apparently (at least per a search of the records site for Rhode Island's criminal courts) committed the crimes 10 years ago under her maiden name Shondi Barbato; she was originally charged with 1st degree child abuse (which involves sexual penetration of a child under the age of 14). It also appears Fabiano (under her maiden name of Barbato) she has a conviction for fraud (specifically attempts to obtain money under false pretenses, insurance fraud, and conspiracy) and a dismissed charge of possession of a controlled substance.

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I knew Shondi in high school. If anything, she drove the guys sex-crazed. She would dress in tight jeans and was a sight! The thing is, Shondi is an expert in karate. I seen her beat the crap out of a guy coming on to her. She made a mistake with her past. Time for people to move on.